Solid Walnut and Cherry

Our sources of supply go back over generations and connections to mills and managed timberworks across the world. We can offer a bespoke sourcing and supply service, combined with machining to specification of any flooring type that you can suggest, subject to it being available and meeting with Timber trade standards and import regulations. Eucalyptus timbers from Australia, Walnut, Cherry and oak from the Appalachians, Siberian Larch, Elm from China, Douglas Fir, Irokos and Teaks to name but a few are all possibilities.

Send us your requirement and we will research the availability.

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  • Width

    120 – 200mm

  • Length


  • Depth

    20 mm

  • Availability

    To order

  • Finish

    Semi Sanded

020 8501 7555 call us, or complete the form below.

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