Traditional Solid

Prepared individually we can offer solid Oak floorboards and other timbers to order and to specification. Call for a quotation.

Carefully sourced solid wood flooring

We offer a select range of carefully sourced and freshly machined solid wood flooring which is produced bespoke (to order) and is of the highest quality.

Traditional solid Oak floorboards will complement traditional and contemporary installations in both residential and commercial applications. We can offer a variety of species of solid wood flooring, to size and grade, specifications and budgets to suit your needs.

All our solid wood flooring is available unfinished allowing you versatility in the finishing program. Solid wood flooring offers an environmentally friendly, durable and healthy solution for an allergen-free living environment. The individual beauty and suitability of solid wood flooring within any design scheme or architecturally sensitive project has been recognised for centuries.

We are Truly Reclaimed

The Truly Reclaimed standard ensures that a material or product is genuine and distinguishes real antique, reclaimed and salvaged items from fake new products made to resemble the old. Find out more

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