Antique Oak Boards

Antique Oak Flooring is our speciality, and we have developed repeatable lines of Russian, European and American Antique and reclaimed Oak boards in random widths available either unrestored or fully prepared for your period project.

Reclaimed Antique OakĀ boards

Antique Oak floorboards are generally reclaimed in a variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths. The general condition can vary considerably and most batches require some re-engineering and processing to create a viable flooring option.

The secret to this is to protect and retain the antique patinated surfaces built up over the centuries. It is this original old weathered and worn surface which gives these lines a totally unique quality and a board by board individual character.

We can hand restore these surfaces with a range of traditional finishes to complement and backdrop that period interior. The finished colour and degree of patination or rusticity can be adjusted within the finishing process whilst depth of colour and quality of finish is infinitely variable, We suggest you avoid the use of heavy duty floor sanders and adopt a process of sympathetically processing individual boards to maximise the natural character.

We are Truly Reclaimed

The Truly Reclaimed standard ensures that a material or product is genuine and distinguishes real antique, reclaimed and salvaged items from fake new products made to resemble the old. Find out more

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